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                                    Welcome to the James Leitch Library 2021-22 school year

        Melyssa Garma

Library Media Technician

Phone: 510-657-6100 ext. 44110



General Guidelines:

TK students  1 book each week, books will remain in their classroom.


Kindergarten students-  check out 1 or 2 books each week, teachers will decide when to return their library books. 


1st & 2nd  Grade students will check out 2 books each week, and will keep their books for 6 days.


Please remind students to have clean hands when handling books, NO FOOD or DRINK, and treat the books gently.


Ask your child what day their class visits the library, and remind them to return their books on time.

Books are due back THE DAY BEFORE students visit the library.


Please help your child to remember when books are due, otherwise they will not be able to check out more books until ALL their books are returned. Bills are processed for any books overdue by more than a few weeks. Prices are set by the district.