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Playground/Blacktop Rules

Play Areas:

North Field: For running, playing with Frisbees and balls

  • Do not go past the baseball field
  • Soft footballs are permitted on the north field
  • Only kick soccer balls on the north field  

Tetherball: Make sure all students are playing on the appropriate pole

  • Only two people in the circle at a time
  • When the bell rings, stop playing - do not hit the ball “one more time”

Blacktop by the Library (behind the blue line):  Use hula hoops and jump ropes

  • Use hula hoops only around the waist
  • Jump ropes are to be used to jump rope - they are not to be swung around or used in other ways

Blacktop: For playing basketball and with the playground balls (i.e. four square)

  • No kicking the ball on the blacktop
  • No running on the blacktop

Ball Wall (and container wall): For bouncing playground balls

Snack Area: For eating snacks

  • No sharing food
  • Make sure everyone cleans up their trash and dropped food
  • Must stay within the yellow lines
  • If a child is not eating a snack, they should not be in the snack area

Playground/Tanbark Area:

  • No running in the tanbark
  • Directions for monkey bars (from the hills towards the school)
  • No climbing on top of the monkey bars
  • When waiting for a turn on the monkey bars, stand on the ground
  • When using the slides, slide on your bottom feet first
  • One person on the slide at a time

General Rules (for all areas)

  • Keep all hands and other body parts to yourself (no touching other students) - this also includes not playing tag
  • No play or pretend fighting
  • Wait by the yellow line until yard duty directs the students out to play
  • Students should not be in an area unless there are yard supervisors/teachers present
  • Playground rules apply at all times (recess and at lunch)
  • Use polite language in all areas of the playground
  • No students behind the containers or p.e. shed
  • No digging anywhere
  • No tennis balls or small rubber balls (superballs)
  • Put all equipment back when recess is over (i.e. hula hoops, jump ropes, and school balls back on the racks – classroom balls returned to the classrooms)
  • Only take classroom equipment from your own classroom

Bathrooms Rules:

  • No playing in the bathroom
  • If you are not using the bathroom, you should not be in there
  • Keep the bathroom clean and neat – throw away all trash
  • Paper towels do not leave the bathroom

When the bell rings

  • Walk to your line
  • Return all equipment to where it belongs
  • Walk with the playground balls and other equipment- do not bounce or play with the equipment
  • Students should stay quiet as they walk to and stand in line

Consequence (as needed)

  • Firstly, give a warning to the student(s)
  • Secondly, assign a student to the red dot or take away the privilege of using the equipment/playing in that area

*** If you do this, please let the child’s classroom teacher know

  • Thirdly, if a child repeatedly does not follow the rules, please let the principal/assistant principal know what is going on (including the child’s name and classroom number)
  • In the event of fighting, defiance, and/or bullying, please send the student(s) involved straight to the office